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Saturday Night Live Music at the Club!

Join us for dinner at Ocean Club on Saturday November 25, and enjoy great food and Spanish influenced guitar music, performed by Bradley Wells.

Local Musician with a passion for Spanish Fingler-style Guitar Music

Bradley is a musician with a passion for Spanish style guitar music and will be playing at the Club from 5pm onwards (for 1-2hrs) on November 25. Check out Bradley's bio below.

Don't miss out, book your table now!

Call us at 604 741 6138 or send us an email.

musician playing spanish style guitar music
Bradley Wells

Bradley Wells Bio

Bradley Wells is a self-taught musician and a creative human with a great curiosity and passion for life.  It wasn’t until  he was 19 that he bought his friend’s beat-up electric guitar and discovered his love for making music.  As years went by, he found himself drawn to classical guitar and flamenco music. He recently completed a mentorship studying advanced Flamenco techniques under renowned musician Amir John Haddad. 

Now, over a decade later, Bradley lives in Gibsons with his partner Rose Stardust and their two cats Gypsy and Elixir. Besides playing Spanish influenced finger-style guitar at local venues and continuing to develop his musical career he is also a talented craftsman.  He loves woodworking and makes bespoke guitar accessories and high end printmaking tools. 

You can find Bradley on instagram @nylonstringtheory


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